Josh Mann

Light Begins

Meet Josh

Josh Mann is a singer/songwriter and musician from Southern Pines, NC. He is a worship leader, leading and serving in different ministries throughout the week. Josh's music takes a turn on what Contemporary Christian Music normally looks like. He has 2 major goals for every time he has the opportunity to share these songs.

One goal is that people far from God may come to know him in a deep, intimate, and personal understanding and receive salvation through songs of his heart. His second goal is that the people of God may come together in corporate worship with an attitude of vulnerability to see God move, and respond through an act of praise (excitement) and worship (reflection).


Verse 1
Romance, such romance, I'm in love with you
The words you speak, pour into me, I've come to marry you
To marry you

And on the wedding day, when I see your face, I'll stand in awe before your throne

My lover, my savior, my fortress, defender, almighty God of love
You are here, you are here, you're the author and perfector, my stronghold
Surrender, almighty God of love, you are here, you are here

Verse 2
Your love so sweet, and endlessly chasing after me
It was my blood to bleed, but it was you that I need
You paid it anyway, you paid it every way

For the blood you shed upon the cross is worth more than my life and myself
When the day comes that we meet at heavens gates and sing your glorious praise
Verse 1
A day has dawned, where light begins and darkness tries to hide,
Lord we are amazed, you conquered death and sin with only nails and a tree
You made me whole

For you have come to save the world, you have come to save a wretch like me
You lifted me from my depths, you did not let me bleed
Now it's time to start the revolution for the resurrected king
And there's no more hiding, no more shame
It's time

Verse 2
We have a hope, a hope that reaches far beyond the shore
To bring us back, back to his love, restoring and redeeming so divine
And it's brought me life today
Verse 1
I want to lay my crown, just as Jesus did
The crown of thorns, the veil was torn, our hope is found
I want to sing for joy, and all the things you've done for me
Give my highest praise to the one who saves
You've unshackled all my chains

Here I lay my crown, and my burdens down
At your holy feet, where I plead to be
I rejoice in you, for my sorrows gone
You are all I need, you are all I need

Verse 2
Let the song of heaven ring, ring across the earth and skies
Holy holy is The Lord God almighty, who was and is to come
I wanna dance, I wanna shout, until my lungs give out
We leave our pasts, we are free at last
God redeemed us all, through the blood of Christ
Verse 1
Oh your wonder, oh your glory, it's the image you are drawing
A perfect painted picture in the morning sun, bringing death to life on the cross
Grace came to meet me, within your scars, I find beauty
This beautiful exchange that awoke my soul, to your love

It's your mercy it's your grace, how I shout unending praise
I'm in awe of your wonders, in awe of your wonders
It's your breath inside my lungs, you are worthy of my trust
I'm in awe of your wonders, in awe of your wonders

Verse 2
Oh the riches, of your love, no more sorrow
I look above, crowned in glorious praise
The name above all names here I'm left to proclaim
Now I rise up from these ashes, redemption in Christ
It's a love that surpasses all my worries, all my fear
All my hurts and all my tears, he takes my brokenness aside, and he brings me new life

Hallelujah, you have overcome, hallelujah, the battle has been won
Praise King Jesus, the stone was rolled away
Speechless is my voice, but my heart forever sings

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